Thursday, Feb.25th (Luang Namtha Day 2)

  • Cory and I woke up with an instant coffee in the lobby of our guesthouse, then headed a few shops down the road to Minority Restaurant for an omelette, satchel of sticky rice, and fruit salad.
  • We took off for the day, first checking out a rickety bamboo bridge across the Nam Tha river a few minutes East of town.
  • This led us through the riverside Tai Dam minority villages on our way to the highway.  Children smiled, stared, and shouted, “sabaidee!” (“hello!”), waving frantically as we walked by.
  • In Laos, more than Cambodia or Vietnam, the farm animals are completely integrated into the villages.  Cows roam as they please, chickens and their chicks scurry in all directions, and roosters crow incessantly.  Baby pigs and goats are a frequent roadside sight and even turkeys and ducks can be found adding their calls to the lot.   
  • Five kilometres of hiking later, after passing through a different minority village: Ban Nam Dee, a Lanten minority village, we arrived at Nam Dee waterfall.
  • It was a cool fall but the exercise was just as rewarding as the view.
  • We explored the area for a bit before returning to our guesthouse, stopping on the way back for a water break and snack of sweet tamarind.
  • We relaxed at the guesthouse for an hour before grabbing dinner at the Luang Namtha Night Market once again.
  • This time we feasted on fresh spring rolls, fried rice with egg and vegetables, and a side plate of steamed green vegetables.
  • For dessert we bought another bag of fried bananas and later had a banana fruit shake.
  • The rest of the night was spent reading, writing, and catching up with friends over FaceTime.
  • We called it an early night hoping for an early start to a travel day tomorrow.

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