Wednesday, Feb. 24th (Luang Namtha Day 1)

  • It was a major rest and recovery day, aided by the torrential downpour that lasted until early evening.
  • We woke up and had a couple cups of instant coffee in the lobby of our hostel, Manychan Guesthouse.
  • The rain let up slightly.  
  • We thought it might be clearing up, so we headed over to Bamboo Lounge for breakfast.
  • By the time we were finishing up, the downpour had resumed, overflowing the gutters and sending rivers of rain water cascading down the edges of the street.
  • Cory made a mad dash back to Manychan Guesthouse to grab our rainy day materials (iPad, eReaders, guide book, and chargers) and we spent the rest of the afternoon drinking more coffee, reading, and writing in Bamboo Cafe.
  • Around 5pm the sun started peeking through the clouds.
  • We took  my motorbike to a mechanic shop to have the front brake adjusted, the clutch repaired, and the “dashboard” box tightened.
  • We returned to our guesthouse and dropped everything off before heading back across the street to the Luang Namtha Night Market for dinner.
  • We each bought a bowl of Lao Noodles for 10K Kip and a plate of steamed vegetables for 5K Kip.
  • We sampled a few desserts after, including grilled banana stuffed with shredded coconut, a tapioca tasting gelatine covered with shredded coconut, and deep fried bananas.
  • The deep fried bananas were a winner and we bought 10 more to take back to our guesthouse for some reading and writing snacks before bed.  

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