Friday, Feb. 26th (Luang Namtha to Muang Sing)

  • Woke up with a couple cups of instant coffee while watching a light rainfall soak Cory’s motorbike. 
  • By late morning the skies had cleared so I went to retrieve my motorbike from the mechanic shop, which thankfully was under the cover of a warehouse roof. 
  • I returned to Manychan Guesthouse and we strapped up our bags before hitting the road. 
  • The drive to Muang Sing was another one for the memory bank. Lush jungle vegetation in every direction with steamy clouds dancing on the tree tops, and occasionally, over the road. 
  • Before long we arrived in Muang Sing where it took us some time to find and check in to Danneau 2 Guesthouse. 
  • We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the small city, dotted everywhere with monasteries, relics from French occupation, and museums. 
  • We had traditional Lao Noodle Soup from the Night Market for dinner
  • Once it was dark we returned to our guesthouse and spent the rest of the night relaxing in our room.

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