Monday, Feb. 29th (Long to Luang Namtha)

  • Our outlook was a little brighter this morning after a refreshing sleep.
  • Started the day with a couple cups of instant coffee then hit the road.
  • I babied my motorbike on the roads, expecting another breakdown, but she held up beautifully.
  • We arrived in Muang Sing and drove straight to a mechanic shop where we had the staff replace my front brake handle and my clutch handle, as well as tighten up my chain which necessitated the removal of a link.  Total cost: 90K Kip ($11).
  • Cory paid a visit to the morning market and came back with a few huge bags of fruit which we snacked on while the mechanics worked.
  • An hour later we set off again, this time for Luang Namtha.
  • The drive went smoothly and we arrived with plenty of daylight left for dinner at Minority Village restaurant.
  • We stopped by the Night Market for some deep fried bananas on our way back to Manychan guesthouse.
  • Spent the rest of the night reading and watching episodes of Rick and Morty.

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