Saturday, March 5th (Luang Prabang Day 3)

  • Set our alarm for 7:30am but somehow managed to sleep through, waking up naturally at 8:23am… minutes before our 8:30am tour. 
  • We dressed in a panic, then realized that we had forgotten to extend our stay at Kounsavan Guesthouse for the night, so we packed up our bags, shoved them into storage, and paid for our stay. 
  • Finally free to leave, we jumped on our motorbikes and arrived at The Living Land Farm by 8:45am, luckily just in time to join the second and final tour group of the day. 
  • The tour was incredibly well run and especially informative. 
  • We learned the 13 steps of rice production, including among others: planting, ploughing, weeding, harvesting, threshing, husking, and eating. At each step we were able to try our hand at the task and ask as many questions as we could think of. 
  • By the end, we were well informed with a new found respect for the effort involved in the rice production process. It also provided closure on the many rice production debates we’ve had during our hundreds of hours on the road. 
  • The company itself deserves mention: The Living Land Farm is co-owned by 6 families and aims to educate foreigners while returning profits to the local community. 
  • Afterwards, we returned to Kounsavan Guesthouse to pick up our bags and move them back across the street to Soukhoun Meung Guesthouse, where we booked one more night. 
  • We relaxed on the deck with some bananas and cups of coffee before jumping back on our motorbikes to check out Pak Ou Caves further North.
  • The cave was very underwhelming and we felt scammed by the end of it. They overcharged for parking, a boat ride across the river, and entry fee to the caves, which turned out to be 2 shallow caverns stuffed full of Buddha statues. 
  • Far more interesting was wandering the village of Pak Ou to catch a glimpse of local life. 
  • We returned to Luang Prabang and spent some time in the market looking for camping equipment before hitting the Night Market for our favourite rice, veggie, and 3 egg dinner. 
  • After, Cory returned to the guesthouse while I tried to climb the steps of Mount Phousi for an aerial view of Luang Prabang. 
  • However, I was so sick of paying fees after our cave experience that I turned back when they asked for 20K Kip. 
  • Instead, I walked to the Mekong riverfront and inquired about buying a boat for a trip to Vientiane. I received several offers and descended to the water for a look at one in particular, priced at 1M Kip ($123), but I wasn’t ready to commit to anything and walked away. 
  • Back at our guesthouse, Cory and I cut up a watermelon with our new, handmade knives and enjoyed the fruit snack before heading to bed.

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