Friday, March 11th (Vang Vieng Day 1)

  • Today was a major errand day, fixing and cleaning up the motorbikes to get them ready for the sales floor.
  • We started with complimentary coffee and some FaceTimes with friends and family, then went straight to the mechanic shop.
  • For 150K Kip ($18.56) we had both of our luggage racks welded back together and reinforced with steel rods.
  • At the next mechanic shop, a few minutes out of town, we had my handle bars re-aligned and the motorbikes pressure washed and scrubbed down for 25K Kip ($3).
  • Cory returned to the hostel for a rest while I continued the search for a mechanic shop that could repair my front break.
  • Finally I found one, 10 minutes out of town in the opposite direction.
  • I returned to the hostel for lunch with Cory (another delicious vegetable yellow curry at Victor restaurant) then returned to the mechanic shop for the repair.  
  • He sanded down a generic scooter break handle and fitted it to my bike.  I also had him adjust the foot peg to a more comfortable position and replace a missing nut.  Total cost: 35K Kip ($4.33).
  • After parking back at the hostel, I made a trip to the local Internet cafe to print up some flyers.
  • With all the errands for the day complete, we spent the rest of the night relaxing and chatting with fellow travellers at the hostel.  
  • For dinner we found a giant watermelon and split it between us.
  • Called it an early night and fell asleep instantly despite the heat in the dorm rooms.

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