Saturday, March 12th (Vang Vieng Day 2)

  • I woke up feeling refreshed and started the day with a workout in the lobby area.
  • Cory joined me shortly after and we found breakfast at a nearby hostel.  They mistook us for guests and insisted on not allowing us to pay for our omelettes, despite our efforts to overcome the language barrier and explain the situation.
  • We made another quick trip to a nearby mechanic shop where I borrowed some tools to make an adjustment to my front brake and left foot peg.  They didn’t charge anything which was kind of them.
  • The hostel manager (Lee, at Easy Go Hostel) helped us put together a list of the most frequented spots in Vang Vieng and we spent the rest of the morning wandering town and taping up flyers.
  • We returned to Victor restaurant for a yellow curry lunch then passed our friend Rusty, eating a a separate restaurant, on our way back to the hostel.  
  • We decided to join him on a trip to the Blue Lagoon and Poukham cave and picked up another group member, Cedric from France, while getting ready.
  • The Blue Lagoon turned out to be the local watering hole, with tourists and locals alike enjoying the cool blue water.  An overhanging tree had been turned into a makeshift dive platform and we all took turns jumping, Cory throwing in a couple backflips for good measure.
  • An hour later we decided to check out Poukham Cave, which was included in the 10K Kip ticket price.
  • We had no expectations and were completely blown away.  The cave was nearly 3 km long, partially lit by sunlight at the entrance, but quickly turning into pitch blackness the further we explored.  The ceiling loomed several stories overhead and there were no defined pathways, leaving us free to stray onto side avenues illuminated only by our headlamp beams.
  • We returned to Vang Vieng, the four of us stopping for a corn on the cob snack when we arrived at the river bank.
  • Cory and I then started our marketing ploy:
  • We parked our motorbikes outside the main restaurant strip and talked to everyone that passed about taking them off our hands.  We had some great conversations but no serious leads.
  • Next we moved to the main bar strip and continued the strategy.  Here we had some promising leads but no one who was willing to commit.
  • Eventually we returned the motorbikes to Easy Go Hostel and went back out to Sakura Bar with flyers taped to our shirts to continue promoting.
  • A few hours, a couple bottles of Beer Laos, and many conversations later, we returned to our hostel and called it a night.

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