Sunday, March 13th (Vang Vieng Day 3)

  • Woke up and took an easy morning sipping coffee and speaking with friends and family over FaceTime.
  • Cory walked to the street food corner and bought us a couple omelette-veggie sandwiches for 10K Kip each.
  • I spent some time catching up on emails which had piled up over the past few weeks.
  • Finally we were ready to head out for the main attraction in Vang Vieng: tubing.
  • We rented simple rubber tubes at a nearby shop for 55K Kip then rode a Tuk Tuk to the riverhead with a big group of people where the first stop was a local bar.
  • Tubing in Vang Vieng used to be anarchy.  The river was lined with bars where staff would throw out rope to pull tubers onto the river bank.  From there you could imbibe in whatever your heart desired: mushrooms, marijuana, alcohol, etc. at cheap prices.
  • However, there were too many deaths (as many as 22 in one year we heard) and the government stepped in to tone it down.  Now there are only two bars operating on the river on any given day.
  • We played flip cup, hot potato, and musical tubes at the first bar for an hour then continued on to the next bar, where the tradition of throwing out a line and pulling in the tubers was preserved.
  • At the second bar was more of the same: flip cup and hanging out with our group of friends while listening to music, playing volleyball, and baking in the sun.
  • We left the second bar a bit late and the sun fell behind the mountains quickly during our 2 hour drift down the river.
  • Eventually the river delivered us back to Vang Vieng and we returned the tubes before getting another yellow curry dinner at Victor restaurant.
  • When we finally got back to our hostel, Easy Go Hostel, after dark I discovered that we had a couple motorbike emails waiting for us.
  • Two friends from England were interested in buying, so we met them at 10:15pm for a look.
  • They maintained their interest, so we decided to meet up again at 9am the next day for some driving lessons and a more thorough inspection.
  • By this point we were completely exhausted.
  • We returned to the hostel and were both fast asleep within minutes.

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