Monday, March 14th (Vang Vieng Day 4)

  • Woke up early feeling perfectly fine after the day of tubing and day drinking yesterday, though the fact that we were in bed before 10pm probably had a part to play in this.
  • Grabbed some instant coffee in the hostel lobby then walked over to Chillao Hostel to give some driving lessons to our prospective British motorbike buyers.
  • They did fine, liked the bikes, and decided to buy.
  • We spent the next hour at an internet cafe trying to figure out an international wire transfer.  Eventually we put something into the system, though we were forced to put our faith in their word as the transfer wouldn’t be complete for a couple days.
  • Spent an hour or so hanging out with our Canadian friends, Jordan and Steve, at Victor restaurant where we each had a delicious banana shake.
  • Returned to Easy Go Hostel and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon reading in the “chill out” area.
  • By mid-afternoon we were overheating and decided to head to the river to cool off.
  • We bought a watermelon and walked to Smile Bar on the river bank where we set up on a large square lounge pad and cut up the fruit.
  • We shared slices with other travellers while dipping in and out of the river to mitigate the sun’s heat.
  • As sunset approached, hot air balloons began taking off from a launch pad nearby and floated no more than 25 meters overhead as they drifted North to capture some amazing views of Vang Vieng and the surrounding mountains.
  • After sunset we returned to our hostel and spent the better part of the evening drinking with a group of travellers and playing “get to know you” question games.
  • At 8:30pm we headed to Warmup Bar for their complimentary rum shot, then continued on to Sakura Bar to catch the end of their free 8-9pm mixed drink happy hour.
  • We spent a couple hours at Viva, the only late night club in Vang Vieng, once Sakura Bar shut down at Midnight.
  • We had fun alternating between dancing and hanging out on the street where many drink and snack vendors had congregated to take advantage of the drunken decision making.
  • Finally our group decided to call it a night and we headed back to Easy Go Hostel for some sleep.

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