Saturday, March 19th (Bali Day 2)

  • We woke up just after 11am both feeling a bit off.
  • Initially we were inclined to attribute this to the night out at Eikon Bar but as the day wore on we began to suspect sickness.
  • We took our time getting ready in the morning then headed a few blocks South to Matahari market to buy some fruit, vegetables, and peanuts.
  • After, we returned to our hotel and cut everything up for lunch.
  • We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to escape the heat in the pool or in front of the fan in our room while reading or messing around online.
  • Around 5:30pm I headed to Kuta Beach for some ice cream and to watch the sunset while Cory napped.
  • I had intended to inquire about surfboards at some of the shops but didn’t even make it that far.
  • After dark I returned to the room where neither of us made it much later before falling into a fitful and overheated sleep.

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