Tuesday, March 15th (Vang Vieng Day 5)

  • Woke up feeling slightly worse for wear after the previous night’s drinking adventures at Warmup, Sakura, and Viva bars.
  • Thankfully nothing that a couple cups of coffee and a veggie-omelette sandwich couldn’t cure.
  • We took care of a couple errands for the rest of the morning: booking a bus ticket to Vientiane for 9am the next day and saying a final goodbye to our motorbikes 😦
  • We’ve sold the motorbikes to two Brits who plan on taking them through Northern Laos and then into Vietnam.  It was bittersweet to see them go.  We passed over the “Blue Cards” – the only official paperwork you need to prove that you own the motorbikes – and took a few pictures before shaking hands and walking away.
  • Back at Easy Go Hostel, we played a game of pool with a few friends that we hit it off with over the past few days in Vang Vieng: Jordan and Steve from Canada and Danny from the USA.
  • After, the 5 of us went for fruit shakes at Milan Pizza and spent the rest of the day hanging out on a wooden hut in the middle of a rice field on the outskirts of town.
  • Once the sun had set, we returned to town and had a drink on the riverbank before grabbing a red curry dinner at one of Vang Vieng’s local restaurants.
  • We were all beat from a day in the sun and spent a few moments relaxing in Easy Go Hostel’s chill out area before heading to bed.

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