Friday, March 18th (Bali Day 1)

  • Woke up in time for Zuk Hotel’s complimentary breakfast, then spent the rest of the morning relaxing in our room and watching The Truman Show on HBO.
  • We checked out before Noon and spent the next few hours exploring different guest house options in the Kuta area before settling on Ayu Beach Inn just off of  JL. Popies 1.
  • We returned to Zuk Hotel for our bags then made the trek back to Ayu and checked in for 3 nights after negotiating a final price.
  • By this time we were sick of trudging around in the heat and took off straight for Kuta Beach, less than 100 meters away, for some surfing.
  • We rented two big soft-top boards for 50K IDR ($4) each and spent the next 2.5 hours in the water while the sun set on the ocean behind us.
  • Back at our hotel we arranged to meet up with my university friend, Chase, who is travelling through Bali during his Spring Break and staying in the Seminyak area.
  • We took a cab North and after much confusion managed to find the villa that he and his friends had rented.
  • It was a beautiful spot and we were treated to a full pig roast with tasty side dishes and plenty of beer.
  • We played some beer pong after dinner then headed to Eikon Bar to continue the night.
  • Eikon was decently crowded, but the beer, like most popular places in Bali, was overpriced.  
  • Cory and I couldn’t justify this cost in our backpacker budget so we kept slipping away to the MiniMart across the street to buy cheaper beer that we could drink on the sidewalk.
  • Chase left with the last of his travel group an hour or so later and Cory and I followed shortly after.
  • As we were leaving the bar, we witnessed a fight break out between two muscled, tattooed Australian guys and a mob of locals.
  • The mob caught up to the two Australians from behind and unleashed on them.  One was beaten unconscious with metal pipes and wooden bats while the other managed to keep his footing though badly bloodied.
  • The standing Australian then went on a rampage with a wooden bat that he had managed to wrestle from a local.  
  • He smashed scooter mirrors, car bumpers, and terrified spectators in his path as he raged up and down the street.
  • At one point he tore open the passenger door of a moving vehicle and tried to pull the helpless passenger onto the street.  Luckily the driver hit the gas at an opportune moment and got away.
  • Finally, a willing taxi driver and some police officers arrived.  
  • The police managed to subdue the crowd while hearding the crazed Australian into the taxi where his unconscious friend had already been loaded.
  • Then they took off, presumably for the hospital.
  • Cory and I decided that this was enough adventure for one night and walked the few blocks back to our hotel where we promptly fell asleep.

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