Sunday, March 20th (Bali Day 3)

  • I woke up feeling even worse than yesterday with full body aches, an upset stomach, and a dull, pounding headache that refused to abate all day.
  • Cory’s condition had improved but he was also feeling enervated.
  • As a result, the day was a complete wash.
  • We made it to breakfast where I managed a couple slices of watermelon, though Cory found his appetite for some egg and pancakes.
  • I spent the rest of the morning in and out of sleep on my bed while Cory read.
  • We made a quick trip to the pool at some point to cool off then returned to our room for more of the same.
  • In the evening we decided to get a massage in an attempt to feel better.
  • We paid 60K IDR (<$6) each for an hour long traditional Balinese massage and walked back to our hotel in slightly better spirits.
  • We bought another watermelon on the way home and each had a quarter while sitting on our small porch.
  • I promptly laid down and spent the rest of the night in bed reading.
  • Cory ventured out a bit later to find some more substantial food.
  • He returned shortly after and we were both asleep within the hour.

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