Monday, March 21st (Bali Day 4)

  • I woke up feeling much better after yesterday’s rest day with plenty of sleep.
  • We started the day as usual with complimentary breakfast and coffee at our hotel’s (Ayu Beach Inn) pool-side restaurant.
  • With renewed energy stores we set off to do some surfboard research at the local shops in the Kuta Beach area.
  • After a couple hours we were worn out but had a much better understanding of the market and price expectations.
  • We stopped at a nearby Warung (directly translated as “shop” from Indonesian, though it seems to apply more as “restaurant” or “Cafe”) for lunch and paid 25K IDR each for rice, veggies, tofu, and a couple eggs.
  • By this time we were ready to get into the water so we headed to the beach to rent a couple boards for the rest of the afternoon.
  • Unfortunately the surf was quite small.
  • Cory ended up renting for two hours while I returned to the hotel for some more relaxation.
  • Once Cory returned we went to Bamboo Corner, a nearby budget restaurant, for dinner.  The avacado salad was great but the vegetable curry was average, especially after the Yellow Curry at Victor in Vang Vieng – the best I’ve ever had.
  • With full stomachs we returned to our hotel and spent the rest of the evening relaxing and reading in our room.  

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