Wednesday, March 23rd (Bali Day 6)

  • We woke up naturally around 8am, which looks like it is turning into a bit of a routine for us.
  • Headed straight to our hotel’s complimentary breakfast and spent the rest of the morning eating, sipping coffee, and writing.
  • Around 11:30am we set out on what we hoped would be our last shopping trip for a while.
  • The list was all surfing related: zinc based sunscreen for our cheeks and noses, boardshorts for me, a long sleeved shirt for Cory to wear in the water, polarized sunglasses, and all purpose sunscreen.
  • Unbelievably, we found ourself in another contentious situation at the first shop we stopped in at.  We refused to budge on the lower limit of our offer for a pair of boardshorts, two polarized sunglasses, and a long sleeved shirt for 200K IDR ($15).  
  • The shop owner started negotiating at 1.2M IDR ($90) and became more and more infuriated as we turned down each of his marginally better offers.  By the time we were ready to leave the shop he was on his feet and shouting at us inconsolably.
  • At this point we gave in and paid 220K IDR ($17).  We finally left the shop but with a sour taste in our mouths.  The forces of tourism here really have shifted local mentality to a weird dichotomy of hatred and dependence.
  • We will be happy to head to a quieter area in a few days.
  • Returned to the hostel and chilled for a few minutes before getting ready for the waves.
  • Cory had already fixed the fins in our new boards and applied a fresh layer of wax.
  • Once rested we grabbed the boards and made the short walk to the beach.
  • The next two hours were spent in the waves.  The surf was average but it was an amazing feeling to be bobbing in the water with the freedom of our own boards and no limits on our time except our own stamina.
  • A little over two hours later we were exhausted.
  • We returned the boards to our hotel, washed up, then headed straight to dinner at a new place we discovered called: Warung Nikmat.
  • It was delicious and crazy cheap: 13K IDR ($1) for rice and several scoops of vegetables and tofu.
  • We will definitely be back.
  • On our way back to the hotel we stopped at Matahari Market to buy a watermelon (and feast on the samples!)
  • We arrived back at the hotel and cut up the fruit for dessert, sharing it on our porch while the juices dripped all over the floor.
  • Afterwards, we spent the rest of the evening in our room, relaxing and reading before calling it an early night.

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