Thursday, March 24th (Bali Day 7)

  • Woke up at 8am and had a quick breakfast at our hotel before sunscreening-up and heading straight to the beach.
  • There were quite a few people in the water and the waves were pumping.
  • We both caught some good rides, though Cory had the wave of the morning with a monster that sent him speeding down the face just outside the reach of the whitewash as the wave curled.
  • A couple hours later we returned to the hotel and did some reading and writing.
  • Cory went for lunch at a Warung on Popies 2 (Popies 1 & 2 are long alleyways in the Kuta area filled with surf shops, restaurants (Warungs), accomodation, and hundreds of street vendors).
  • He returned and we got ready for our second surf session of the day.
  • It was less crowded on account of the calm conditions and low tide but we took this as an opportunity to practice our pop-ups and turning.
  • We are both becoming accustomed to the boards and progressing in leaps and bounds with each passing day.
  • Two hours later we returned to our hotel to freshen up then immediately sought out dinner as we were both starving.
  • We ended up at Warung Indonesia, a restaurant on the lane way between Popies 1 and 2.  The reviews were excellent on Google Maps but we were underwhelmed by the quality and portion sizes.
  • We bought a watermelon on our way back to the hotel for dessert and cut it up while lounging pool-side.
  • Cory took to the hotel restaurant to do some writing while I returned to the room once it was dark to continue reading.
  • The rest of the evening was spent in much the same way except for a few dips in the pool to keep from overheating.

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