Friday, March 25th (Bali Day 8)

  • Woke up to our alarm at 6:30am for a “dawn patrol” surf session.
  • The tide was out which made the rides short, but we were two of only a few people in the water and got plenty of practice popping up and turning.
  • I had a great session, though Cory left the water a bit frustrated after missing a few good waves.
  • Two hours later wer returned to our hotel for breakfast.
  • We packed up and checked out then carried our bags and surfboards twenty minutes North along the main road to the Legian area.
  • Here we checked in to Senen Beach Inn for 120K IDR (<$12) per night.  
  • We had discovered that our French Canadian friends, Ben and Julia, who we met in Mui Ne and travelled to Da Lat with on motorbike, were also staying at this hotel.  We hadn’t seen a familiar face in a while so we were looking forward to catching up with them.
  • The rest of the day was spent wandering the Legian area and checking out the beach.
  • When we returned to the hotel Ben and Julia were sitting on a stoop in the lobby area, having just returned from a surfing session.
  • We caught up for several minutes then agreed to meet up for drinks later and went our separate ways.
  • Cory and I took a short walk to Warung Yogya where we had an excellent Indonesian dinner: rice, vegetables, tofu and delicious peanut sauce.
  • We bought a watermelon on our way home and spent the next few hours relaxing at the hotel and munching on the fruit while Ben and Julia dealt with the fallout of a lost wallet.
  • Finally we were ready to go and returned to Warung Yogya for a drink (Ben and Julia also ordered food) then stopped for one more Bintang Beer at a nearby bar with live music.
  • It was fun catching up but we were all yawning as the night drew on and soon returned to the hotel for some sleep.

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