Sunday, March 27th (Bali Day 10)

  • Woke up at 7:30am and immediately sunscreened up, grabbed our surfboards, and made the short walk to Berawa Beach.
  • It was our first time surfing this break so the session started with some trepidation, not helped by the crowd of experienced surfers already in the water.
  • We ended the session two hours later with mixed feelings.  We had both gotten some fun rides but spent the majority of the time exhausting our arms with fruitless paddling.
  • Returned to our guesthouse, Putu Gueshouse, to chill out for a bit, then made a trip to the fruit market to pick up some watermelon and dragon fruit.
  • We snacked on a couple dragon fruit then took a nap for a few hours before preparing ourselves for another surf session around 5pm.
  • This evening session was much better.  It felt like the break had changed, bringing in more powerful waves that were easier to catch.
  • However, the lineup was very crowded once again and we both got smashed a few times in the first half hour before growing accustomed to the wave patterns.
  • From there on out it was smooth surfing.  We both caught some excellent rides, especially after sunset as the light started to fade and the crowds thinned out.
  • By far this is my favourite time to surf: after the sun has set and the remaining colours of daylight are at their deepest hue with only a few dedicated surfers in the water.
  • We walked back to Putu Gueshouse in the dark and hung out with one of our neighbours for a bit, Jack from England, before going to dinner at Warung Bu Mi.
  • Spent the rest of the night relaxing and reading in our room before calling it a night.

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