Monday, March 28th (Bali Day 11)

  • Set our alarms for 6:30am but didn’t quite answer the call, instead waking up around 9am.
  • We took another easy morning sipping coffee and catching up with everyone back home.
  • Took our rented scooter to Canggu Station, a local supermarket, to stock up on a few cheap groceries: eggs, cucumber, tomato, and mushrooms.
  • At Canggu Station we ran into another massive muscle man with tattoos across his face and body.  He was shouting nonsense in heavily accented English, putting everyone in the supermarket on edge.  Luckily nothing bad came of it.
  • We returned to Putu Guesthouse and cooked up a delicious 8 egg omelette to split between us, then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and reading around the facility.
  • Just before 5pm we got swim suited up, grabbed our surfboards, and made the daily barefoot pilgrimage to the beach.
  • The next two hours were spent in the waves catching as many rides as possible.
  • After one ride I was standing in the whitewash, waiting for a wave to pass, when I felt an intense pain on my right shoulder blade as if a nest of wasps had somehow snuck up my shirt.
  • I never did see what caused it.  I ripped off my shirt expecting to find a jellyfish, or a barracuda, or a hundred sea urchins spines, but a wave washed me out just as I was glancing down.
  • I had no choice but to abandon the search and paddle out beyond the breakers.  By this point the pain had somewhat subsided, though I was still very much aware of the lingering burn.
  • I paddled over to Cory and asked him if there was anything on my shoulder at which point his eyes widened and he suggest we go to the hospital.
  • I thought that might not be a bad idea… but I was feeling better and there was less than half an hour until we lost all light, so we decided to see the session through to the end.
  • Back at our guesthouse, after inspecting the sting, I decided to take some antihistamines and get a good night’s sleep before making a trip to the doctor.
  • We grabbed a quick dinner at Warung Ginji, then spent the rest of the night watching Straight Outta Compton before heading to bed.

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