Tuesday, March 29th (Bali Day 12)

  • Woke up at 6:30am to our alarm announcing that is was surfing time.
  • I dabbed on some strategic sunscreen, then grabbed my surfboard and headed out the door.
  • Cory’s knee was bugging him so he opted to skip the morning session for some extra sleep.
  • I made the barefoot walk to Berawa Beach, then did some warmup exercises before getting in the water.
  • The surfing was great.  I took many smaller waves heelside for practice but failed to catch any of the serious waves that the experienced crowd was all over.
  • On the one big wave I did attempt, I found myself in the perfect position with no one around, so I decided to go for it at the last minute.  It was a mistake.  I got smashed and held under water for an uncomfortable amount of time.  All in all, no serious consequences though!
  • I returned to the guesthouse and Cory helped me make some coffee and cook up another 8 egg omelette for us to split.
  • We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon taking care of online errands, writing, and researching the rest of our trip.
  • Around 5pm it was time for our second surf session of the day.  We got ready and walked back down to the beach.
  • Once again we surfed until the last ray of sunshine disappeared.  We both had some fun rides, including a couple “party” waves that we took together.
  • Returned to the guesthouse to freshen up before heading to dinner at Warung Ginji.
  • We split a cucumber for dessert and spent the rest of the night relaxing and reading in our room.

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