Thursday, March 31st (Bali Day 14)

  • We both skipped the early morning surf session, opting instead for some rest and recovery at our guesthouse.
  • Had a typical slow morning with coffee, omelettes, reading, and writing.
  • At Noon we took our rented scooter to Echo Beach, the most popular beach in the Canggu area, and watched the surfing at two breaking points.
  • The water wasn’t very crowded but everyone there seemed to be quite experienced, including some young local boys that were tearing it up.
  • We sat on the beach for a while and enjoyed another coconut with lime for 20K IDR.
  • Eventually the weather started to turn so we jumped back on our scooter and returned home.
  • The wind and rain was short lived, as it always is here.  
  • Once the skies cleared up I grabbed my surfboard and headed to Berawa Beach.  Cory decided to skip the session in order to give his body a full day’s rest.  
  • The waves were tiny when I arrived and only one person was in the water, so I continued walking West along the sand to the next surfing beach: Batu Bolong (Old Man’s).
  • The waves at Old Man’s Beach are ideal for longboarding but I still had fun catching a few rides with the short board.
  • After an hour in the water, and one final good ride, I packed it in and walked back to Putu Guesthouse.
  • I freshened up, then Cory and I went to Warung Ginji for dinner.
  • On our trip to Echo Beach earlier, we had seen an advertisement for a skateboarding competition at the bar Pretty Poison.
  • After dinner we resolved to check it out, spending the next few hours watching locals and expats tear up an empty swimming pool behind the bar.
  • By 10pm we were ready to call it a night and headed home for some rest.  

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