Friday, April 1st (Bali Day 15)

  • Woke up with our alarm at 6:30am, then grabbed our surfboards and walked barefoot to the beach.
  • The waves were small but appeared to be building.
  • We briefly debated walking down the beach to the next break, Batu Bolong, but ultimately decided to just get in the water.
  • We had a decent session, roughly 1.5 hours, though I ended up waiting nearly 30 minutes for a good wave to end on.
  • I returned to Putu Guesthouse to join Cory (his final wave had come a bit earlier than mine).  We made some coffee to relax, then headed to Warung Ginji for breakfast.
  • Afterwards, we stopped by Charlie Brown Surf Shop to get some help fixing a section of my GoPro casing that had broken off.
  • The owner let us use his superglue but insisted on disclaiming his liability if the piece came off in the water and the GoPro was lost.  We assured him that he wouldn’t be held responsible.
  • We picked up a watermelon, dragonfruit, and mangosteen at a nearby supermarket then returned to the guesthouse.
  • We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, then returned to the beach around 4:30pm for our second session of the day.
  • Again the waves were small, but this time we decided to make the beach treck to Batu Bolong.  
  • The waves at Batu Bolong aren’t ideal for short boards and after an hour of only catching a few waves we packed it in.  Having said that, Cory managed a great ride just before we left the water, weaving and bobbing around the many longboarding beginners bobbing in the break.
  • Back at Putu Guesthouse we cut up the watermelon and split it for dinner.
  • We watched the movie Dead Pool, then spent a few minutes reading before calling it a night. 

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