Sunday, April 3rd (Bali Day 17)

  • We have both been feeling off over the past couple days and made up for it last night with a good sleep.
  • I was up just after 9:30am and Cory made it to 11am.
  • We took an easy morning then grabbed some lunch at the local Warung down the street.
  • Afterwards we returned to our hotel room at Sing Ken Ken and spent a couple hours writing and reading.
  • Just before 5pm we grabbed our surfboards from storage and headed to the beach.
  • The swell had been building all weekend and the waves were massive, though mostly “close-outs” that didn’t offer much riding room.
  • Still, we had fun for a couple hours catching some of the smaller waves and riding the cascades of adrenaline when a monster appeared on the horizon forcing us to paddle for our lives.
  • Once we returned to the hotel and freshened up, we walked to Bintang Market where we stocked up on Snake Fruit (Salak, by its proper name) and Dragon Fruit.
  • We returned to the hotel and watched Fury on our flatscreen TV before calling it a night.

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