Monday, April 4th (Bali Day 18)

  • I woke up before Cory and headed to the fitness center for a workout.
  • Back in the room, we got started with some coffee then headed to Warung Murah for our usual lunch of rice, veggies, tofu, and egg.
  • The rest of the afternoon was spent on errands, namely researching how to extend our Bali visa and catching up on forgotten emails.
  • Just after 5pm we grabbed our surfboards and made the barefoot walk to the beach.
  • We made the mistake of entering the water at the edge of a rip tide and spent 15 minutes battling the current before surrendering to shore and walking up the beach for a calmer entry.
  • The swell was pumping once again and we both struggled to find waves of appropriate size and shape.  The majority were monsters that closed out quickly before offering much of a ride.
  • Frustrated, we surfed past sunset and left the water long after dark.  Something we are not keen to repeat as the consequences of an accident in zero visibility shoot through the roof.
  • Back at the hotel, I stayed behind to do some more computer work while Cory made a quick run to Bintang Market to stock us up on snake fruit, mangosteen, and some special bakery treats.
  • We watched Guardians of the Galaxy in our hotel room, read for a few minutes, then fell asleep shortly after.

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