Tuesday, April 5th (Bali Day 19)

  • After spending a good chunk of yesterday researching how and where to extend our Indonesian Visa, we were ready to head to the Immigration Office and take the first step.
  • With a couple cups of coffee in us, we ordered an Uber and headed for the airport.
  • Only once we arrived did we realize that there was no longer an airport location, adding another tick to the countless number of times Google Maps has failed us in Southeast Asia.
  • We asked around and got some directions to the new location, which seemed to be within walking distance.
  • After walking nearly 2 kilometres with disappointment after disappointment, we were finally told that the new location was 4 kilometres back the way we came.
  • Extremely frustrated, we ordered another Uber and luckily the driver was able to drop us off at the front door.
  • From here on it was smooth sailing: we filled out the application and were out the door within the hour with a return appointment for Friday, April 8th.
  • We grabbed lunch at Warung Murah on our way back to the hotel, then relaxed for the rest of the afternoon before heading surfing around 4:30pm.
  • It was a fun surf session but there were many experienced locals in the water which made it tough to claim our own waves.  Even so, we each managed several good rides and returned to our hotel room with big smiles.
  • Earlier in the day, we had purchased a golden watermelon from a Cocomart next to the immigration office.  
  • This was our post-surfing prize.  We cut it up and enjoyed half each as our dinner.
  • Satiated, tired, and happy, we each spent some time reading before falling fast asleep.

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