Wednesday, April 6th (Bali Day 20)

  • I started the day with some mobility work in the fitness center.
  • Back in the hotel room we got ready for the day, then headed to Warung Murah for lunch.
  • After lunch we split ways, Cory heading to an internet cafe to do some resume work while I took a walk to find surfboard GoPro mounts.
  • It took nearly an hour and 3.5 km of walking before I came across an electronics store that had surfboard mounts in stock.
  • I walked back to the hotel and met up with Cory again where we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out.
  • At 5pm we grabbed our surfboards and headed to the beach.
  • The waves were small but we were able to catch a ton of rides with almost no one else in the water.
  • I did some computer work back in the hotel room while Cory made a run to Bintang Market for a watermelon, some snake fruit, and some banana cake.  It was all delicious.
  • We spent the rest of the night watching movies (Dumb and Dumber To and 300) and reading before heading to bed.

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