Friday, April 8th (Bali Day 22)

  • It was a major errand day for us.
  • We woke up at 8am and were in an Uber on the way to the Immigration Office by 9:30am.
  • With the experience of our previous visit, we didn’t waste any time wandering the streets trying to find the office or wandering the office trying to figure out the application.
  • We walked in the front door and immediately took our queue tickets.
  • Shortly after, we were called up to a counter for payment: 355K IDR ($27) total for the 30 day visa extension.
  • We received another queue ticket and 15 minutes later we found ourselves in front of a camera getting our faces and fingerprints documented.
  • The agent scribbled a date and time for our third visit on a paper receipt and handed it to me before ushering us out the door.
  • We headed straight to the adjacent Cocomart supermarket and bought a watermelon and some snake fruit to enjoy later.
  • We took another Uber straight to Warung Murah and devoured our lunch plates.
  • Back at the hotel room we spent a few minutes relaxing before heading downstairs to the storage facility for some GoPro handiwork: attaching the surfboard mount to my board.  Hopefully we are able to get some good surfing footage over the next 3 weeks!
  • Unfortunately, the time of year I was dreading had finally arrived: The US tax filing deadline was quickly approaching.
  • I gathered myself in the hotel room, then walked to a nearby Internet cafe to take care of business.
  • Three hours later I returned to the room, exhausted but not quite finished with the process (the tax filing software had fritzed out on me at the last moment).
  • Meanwhile, Cory had hit the water for some surfing but was back before long on account of the small waves.
  • We shared the snake fruit and watermelon then watched Food Matters and Cartel Land documentaries on Netflix before heading to bed.

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