Saturday, April 9th (Bali Day 23)

  • Moving day!
  • We are officially done our week long stay at Sing Ken Ken boutique hotel, and what a treat it was having air conditioning and clean sheets every day, thanks Mom!
  • I fit in a workout in the morning before returning to the local internet cafe to finish my US tax filing.
  • Luckily there were no server malfunctions and I was able to submit the efiling without issue.
  • Back at the hotel we packed our bags up, then went to Warung Murah for one final meal.  The place has been really good to us and we will be sorry to call it quits.
  • Afterwards we returned to the hotel to pack up our surfboards.
  • Finally all set, we ordered an Uber and spent an hour in traffic on the 35 km drive down to Uluwatu area on the Bukit Peninsula.
  • We found accomodation just outside one of the main surfing beaches, Padang Padang, at a guesthouse named Guna Mandala Inn.
  • By the time we checked in we were hot, sweaty, and exhausted, so we cooled off for the next couple hours in the air conditioned room while reading.
  • Just as the light was fading we set out for dinner, finding an amazing DIY buffet Warung, called Warung Horace, less than a kilometer down the road.
  • We loaded up on veggies, tofu, eggs, and a new addition that we haven’t seen in nearly 6 months: beans!
  • We walked back to our guesthouse room, then spent the remainder of the evening on the computer and reading before heading to bed.

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