Sunday, April 10th (Bali Day 24)

  • You wouldn’t believe it from our schedule these past few weeks, but somehow we’ve become sleep deprived.
  • We made up for it this morning with a big sleep in, 9am for me and 11am for Cory (though I was asleep much earlier).
  • The morning was typically relaxed with coffee, writing, and FaceTimes.
  • Just after Noon we made the 1km walk to Warung Heboh for a massive lunch of beans, veggies, tofu, and eggs.
  • From there we continued on foot to Uluwatu Beach, the most famous surf break in Bali, often compared to Pipeline in Oahu, Hawaii.
  • After an hour of walking in the heat (and some backtracking due to poor navigation) we arrived at the Uluwatu parking lot.
  • From there it was a steep descent down a stone staircase, emerging 0nto the sheer cliff face that has been transformed into a mini surfing village.  Narrow paths have been carved into the rock with local shops, restaurants, and established surf brands dotting the sides of the alleys.  All the while these paths overlook a 50 meter drop to the beach and the breaking waves beyond where hundreds of surfers are visible.  It is by far the most unique beach setup we’ve ever seen.
  • After wandering the paths for a while, we stopped at a local restaurant for a coconut and enjoyed it on their balcony overlooking the surf below.
  • We made slightly better time on our walk home, arriving just before the sun set.
  • The rest of the evening was spent cooling down in our air conditioned room while reading and messing around online.

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