Monday, April 11th (Bali Day 25)

  • After two days of no surfing I was itching to get back in the water.
  • Cory has been nursing a headache and decided to sleep in while I grabbed my board and made the barefoot walk to Padang Padang beach.
  • Entry costs $1 at the ticket booth just off the road and is followed by a steep descent down a narrow stone staircase inlaid into a deep fissure in the cliff wall.
  • When I finally stepped onto sand at the bottom of the staircase I was the only soul on the beach.
  • I warmed up then started paddling out to the breakers, growing more and more trepidatious as I watched sharp coral glide by a few feet beneath me.
  • It took a while for me to figure out the wave, not helped by my fear of getting slammed onto the reef below, but eventually I started catching rides among the bigger sets that would roll through.
  • Unfortunately as soon as the waves started picking up, the crowds started flocking.  I was soon joined by 10 other eager surfers competing for the same waves.
  • Nevertheless, it was a fun session with many rides and no run-ins with the reef.
  • I returned to our guesthouse and relaxed with Cory for another hour or two before renting a scooter and driving to Warung Heboh.
  • Lunch was delicious as usual: a huge plate of mixed veggies, eggs, beans, and tofu for 35K IDR ($2.66).
  • Back at our guesthouse, Guna Mandala Inn, we spent a couple hours reading, writing, and relaxing.
  • Cory fell asleep again, trying to fight off whatever was causing his headache, and I grabbed my board for surf session number 2.
  • The surfing was more of the same with many more rides now that I was used to the break.  
  • I spent nearly 3 hours in the water, surfing and chatting with some of the other riders in between sets.
  • Cory was feeling a bit better when I returned, so we jumped on the scooter and headed to Nirmala Supermarket to pick up some snake fruit, mangosteen, and banana for dinner.
  • We ate back in our room and relaxed for the rest of the night before heading to bed.

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