Friday, April 15th (Bali Day 29)

  • According to, the swell was picking up today and for the rest of the weekend all across Bali.
  • We briefly discussed whether it was worth it to surf Uluwatu again, knowing that the conditions could be pretty extreme, but we ultimately decided to check it out, agreeing to get out of the water quickly if we felt overwhelmed.
  • We both caught a couple easy rides early in the session which seemed to be a good omen.
  • But then the crowds started coming and the waves really picked up.  We would sit and fight with more experienced surfers for the morsels until a huge set would roll in and we would paddle for our lives.
  • By far these were the biggest waves we have ever encountered while in the water.  It was cool to see some barrel riding from a water-level perspective, but frustrating to not be able to catch any waves ourselves.
  • On our paddle back to the cave, I tried to beat a breaking wave while another surfer tried to catch it.  Realizing we were on a collision course, I ducked under the water while he collided with my board.  We were both ok, and so was his board, but my board had a fin sized gash in the left hand rail.
  • This quickly put an end to our session and I made a deal with a local shop owner on our walk back to the parking lot for a 225K IDR repair.
  • After freshening up back at Gunu Mandala Inn, we hopped on our scooter and had lunch at a Brazilian Warung that we had seen earlier in our wanderings.
  • It was all-you-can eat with beans, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, and tons of salad fixings.  We overdid it a bit on the beans and potatoes, not having experienced these flavours or textures in 7 months.
  • Back at our guesthouse, Cory took his surfboard down the road to Padang Padang Beach for an afternoon surf, while I laid in bed reading until 4pm when I returned to Uluwatu Beach to pick up my repaired board.
  • When I returned, Cory was back in the room after his surf session, but I was itching to get back out on the water, so I used his beach ticket and set out for Padang Padang.
  • I surfed until sunset with a few good rides, a few scary moments, and plenty of staring at the horizon – pretty much a standard session.
  • We bought some oreos, popsicles, and snake fruit for dessert, eating them in the room while watching a documentary on Netflix.
  • Shortly after we were both fast asleep.

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