Thursday, April 14th (Bali Day 28)

  • We woke up ready for another crack at Uluwatu.
  • It is by far the most unique break we’ve ever surfed, with sheer cliff face as a backdrop, the endless Indian Ocean as foreground, and tasty waves rolling in all along the coast.
  • Unfortunately, my session was cut short after about an hour in the water.  
  • After dismounting on an average-sized wave, I surfaced to find my board washing further and further away from me.
  • I swam as hard as I could and managed to put a hand on the nose, but then a surge of whitewash pushed the board out of my hand and further towards shore.
  • After this near recovery, it took me another 15 minutes stumbling over sharp coral to retrieve the board in the shallows.
  • Without any money to buy a new leash, I resigned myself to waiting for Cory on the beach and talking to other surfers.
  • Finally he came in after a long two and a half hour session.
  • We dropped off the boards at Gunu Mandala Inn, then continued on to Warung Heboh for lunch.
  • At a nearby surf shop we bought a new leash for 325K IDR and some board wax for 30K IDR.
  • We spent a couple hours relaxing in the room, then I took Cory’s board down the road to Padang Padang Beach in an attempt to make up for missed time in the morning.  (Cory decided that he had pushed his body hard enough and stayed in bed to read.)
  • I spent nearly 3 hours in the waves until after the sun had set.
  • Conditions were mixed, beginning with small, smooth waves and ending with large choppy waves as the tide receded.
  •  I gave my arms a good workout and managed many fun rides before calling it a night.
  • Back at our guesthouse, Cory and I split a watermelon for dinner then relaxed in bed before calling it a night. 

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