Wednesday, April 13th (Bali Day 27)

  • Today started with another early morning surf session at Uluwatu.
  • The waves were smaller than the day before but we both had a great time enjoying the scenery and catching lower pressure waves.
  • Nearly 3 hours later we called it a session and paddled back to shore through the famous Uluwatu cave.
  • Back at our guesthouse, we freshened up and went for lunch at Warung Heboh.
  • We stopped at a convenience store for water and a Popsicle dessert just in time to get caught in a downpour.
  • We used the excuse to have another Popsicle, waiting for the rain to abate, then made a dash back to Gunu Mandala Inn once the water had subsided to a drizzle.
  • The rain persisted through the afternoon.  We passed most of the time reading and watching movies in our room.
  • After the sun set and the roads dried somewhat, we hopped on our scooter and picked up some snake fruit, watermelon, and bananas from Nirmala Market.
  • We feasted on the snake fruit and banana for dinner, then spent some time relaxing before heading to bed.

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