Saturday, April 16th (Bali Day 30)

  • After yesterday’s mediocre surf session at Uluwatu ending in a collision, we weren’t eager to give it another go.
  • Instead, we headed straight to Padang Padang Beach in the morning.
  • It was two hours of fun surfing with manageable waves for the most part and the occasional monster set that would roll through.
  • Rides were generally short-but-sweet as the monster waves usually closed out rather than forming into long, shapely swells.
  • I had one scary moment when a giant wave crashed on me, wrenching my shoulders against the board as I was trying to dive under the wave.  I was held down for several seconds, which feels like an eternity when you are tumbling within a few feet of reef and running out of air.
  • After calling it a morning, we headed to the Brazilian Warung for lunch, only to find that it was closed, so we returned to our old favourite: Warung Heboh.
  • Back at Gunu Mandala Inn, Cory ended up napping for several hours while I did some writing in the restaurant for better wifi signal.
  • Cory was still napping when I returned to the room to grab my surfboard for the second session of the day.
  • I had a slight headache from a few of the wave beatings in the morning and this showed in my cautious first few attempts on the water.
  • However, once I caught my first ride all misgivings washed away.  
  • The next 2 hours were pure bliss as I caught wave after wave and watched the sun cast halos in the sky as the last light caught the wispy tips of the clouds.
  • My last ride was a fitting end to the day and a fitting end to our week at Uluwatu.
  • I paddled back to shore with my very last ounces of shoulder strength.
  • Cory and I split a watermelon for dinner back in the room, then watched some Netflix before calling it a night.

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