Sunday, April 17th (Bali to Lombok)

  • Another massive travel day for us, from Uluwatu in Southern Bali to Lombok Island off Bali’s Eastern coast.
  • The day started at 7am, packing up and getting ready for the move.
  • Unfortunately, the staff of Gunu Mandala Inn didn’t show up until 8:30am, so we sat around the restaurant for 45 minutes waiting to pay for our stay
  • The manager helped us hire a taxi for 125K IDR which dropped us near the airport where we ordered an Uber to take us the rest of the way to Padang Bai Harbour (206K IDR) – a trip of roughly 2.5 hours.
  • Once at the harbour, we navigated the relentless salesmen trying to take advantage of naive travellers, and found our way to the official ticket booth for the Lombok public ferry, which cost 40K IDR per person; 80K IDR total.
  • We boarded the Noon ferry, arriving at Lombok’s Lembar port around 6pm.
  • From here we managed to hire another taxi to take us the final 1.5 hours to the Kuta Lombok region for 200K IDR.
  • Total cost: 306K IDR ($23) per person and nearly 12 hours of our lives (though there is definitely something to be said about the experience of travelling as a local – we were the only foreigners of 100+ people on the ferry).
  • We checked into an air-conditioned room at Same Same Homestay, then had dinner at Warung Nana followed by a quick walk around town before calling it a night.

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