Tuesday, April 19th (Lombok Day 3)

  • Had an easy morning at Krisna Homestay.
  • Cory slept in while I headed to the lobby for complimentary breakfast and coffee, and a couple hours of catching up with everyone back home.
  • Cory was still asleep when I returned to the room, so I fit in a quick workout and took a seat back in the lobby to do some writing.
  • At 3pm we jumped on our rented scooter and drove 15 minutes East to Segar Beach.
  • We were a bit nervous upon arrival as the breaks were dominated by a gang of local surfers, but we bucked up and paddled out, discovering that we had been nervous for no reason.
  • It took us a little while to figure out the break but eventually we were able to catch some fun rides.
  • I misjudged one wave as I was paddling back out to the lineup and paid the price.  As I tried to dive under the crashing whitewater, the wave picked me up and tossed me backwards.  I tumbled below the surface and got my first reef tattoo as my right shoulder blade slammed into the rocky bottom.  I surfaced in a panic but was able to paddle past the breakers again, only then discovering that the back of my shirt was in tatters.
  • Despite the close call, the rest of the session was fun with several good rides from both of us.
  • Back at the homestay, we relaxed for a bit before heading to dinner at Warung Nana for a vegetable curry and side plate of fried tempeh.
  • We returned to our room and spent some time reading before calling it a night for an early surf session tomorrow.

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