Friday, April 22nd (Lombok Day 6)

  • The alarm sounded at 6:30am, announcing our morning surfing session.
  • Cory hadn’t been able to sleep the night before so he opted to stay in bed while I strapped up the scooter with my board and took off for Mawi Beach.
  • The waves were slightly bigger than yesterday morning with a few giant sets rolling through and washing out the lineup.
  • Everything was going swimmingly until roughly an hour into my session when the string attaching the board to my leash snapped on a routine wave.
  • I immediately gave chase but could do nothing but watch in desperation as the whitewater washed my precious board into the rocks.
  • My instinct was to chase the board straight into the boulders, but thankfully I came to my wits and swam around to the beach where I was able to mount a ridgeline and climb down to the board from behind.
  • By the time I arrived, less than a few minutes later, it was too late.  The board was broken in too many places to count and two of the fins were notched up, the third broken in half completely.
  • I spent a few minutes at the local surfers cafe sitting in shock, then gathered myself and took the scooter and my mangled board home.
  • Back at Krisna Homestay I tried to enjoy the complimentary breakfast and coffee, but soon retired to the room for some reading.
  • By early afternoon I still needed to blow off some steam so I did a quick workout in our room.
  • After, Cory and I went for lunch at Warung Jawa 1, then spent the rest of the afternoon reading and writing before heading to Segar Beach to fit in Cory’s daily surf.
  • Unfortunately the tide was out and the wind was high which meant no surfing.
  • We relaxed at the beach for a while then climbed a nearby peak, a popular sunset spot, for some pictures.
  • On our way back to our homestay, we stopped for a dessert pancake and some snacks, then relaxed for the rest of the evening in our room before calling it a night.

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