Saturday, April 23rd (Lombok Day 7)

  • We had a bit of a down day today.  Turns out that there is not a ton to do in Kuta Lombok without surfing.
  • Started off with complimentary breakfast and coffee at our homestay, then took to the street in search of a surfboard repair shop.
  • Not knowing how much it would cost to basically rework my whole board, we were a bit surprised to be quoted a price of 500K IDR ($38).
  • I dropped off the board with the promise that it would be ready tomorrow afternoon, then returned to our room at Krisna Homestay.
  • Cory took a nap while I spent some time reading followed by another workout to pass the time.
  • Afterwards, I took a long walk in one of the directions we had yet to explore, saying hi and smiling to all the locals I passed.
  • At 6:30pm we headed to Warung Nana for dinner: our usual vegetable curry and fried tempeh followed by a dessert pancake from a street shop on the walk back to our homestay.
  • We had planned to meet up with some friends from Mui Ne, Vietnam for drinks, a Brazilian married couple on a world tour.
  • Unfortunately, they ended up cancelling on us last minute so we just stayed in the room and went to bed.

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