Sunday, April 24th (Lombok Day 8)

  • We woke up at 7am for our first surf session ever at a boat break – meaning the only way to access the waves is via a transport boat.
  • After breakfast and coffee at Krisna Homestay, we jumped on our rented scooter and drove to Gerupuk Bay where we found many locals eager to take us to the waves.
  • I rented a board for 50K IDR as mine was still in the shop being repaired, then Cory, a guy named Oury that we met on the road, and I split the boat fare to “Inside Gerupuk” – the most popular break in the bay.
  • The surfing was slow for the first half hour as we figured out the wave but then turned into one of our most active sessions yet.
  • It is truly a forgiving spot to surf and great for beginners, the only danger being the crowds.
  • The waves were pumping so we managed several long, fun rides over the next 3 hours before taking the boat back to land utterly exhausted.
  • Back at Krisna Homestay we packed up and checked out, but soon found ourselves baking in the midday heat with nothing to do.
  • We decided to take a walk to Kuta Lombok beach where we were immediately harassed to buy souvenirs by a group of girls, all under 10 years old.
  • After realizing that they had no intentions of leaving us alone we started joking with them and shared our Dragon Fruit.  
  • We played with them on the beach, rocks, and washed up logs, which was surprisingly enjoyable.  It can be sad to watch the roving groups of children apparently forced to sell souvenirs all day by their parents, but it was nice to see that they were still able to play as children given the circumstances.
  • Back at our homestay we grabbed a dessert pancake and some candy snacks from the local Alpha Mart for dinner then headed to The Barrel surf shop to pick up my repaired board.
  • This is when our plans started to unravel.  We had committed to taking the overnight ferry to Bali and already arranged transportation to the port when we discovered that the board repair was not finished and we would have to wait another day.
  • Without much choice, we cancelled our travel plans and checked back in to Krisna Homestay for another night.
  • We met up with Tito and Marta, our Brazilian friends from Mui Ne, and spent the next couple hours catching up with them over Bintang beers.
  • By 11pm we were all exhausted and decided to call it a night.

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