Monday, April 25th (Lombok to Bali)

  • We had an easy morning at our homestay, Krisna Homestay, enjoying our last complimentary breakfast and coffee.
  • Around 11am we went to pick up my surfboard from The Barrel Surf Shop.  We asked for a discount on the repair as they had caused us to stay an extra night by taking longer than promised to fix the board.  To our surprise, they agreed, giving us a 200K discount on the original 500K IDR price.
  • This offset our accomodation cost exactly for the extra night so we were happy to pay the 300K IDR to complete the transaction.
  • Unfortunately the wind had picked up and all of the surf spots were either too violent or wind washed.
  • We grabbed lunch at the local corner Warung then returned to Krisna Homestay to widdle away the remaining hours until leaving for our ferry at 10pm.
  • At 6pm we took a quick break for our last vegetable curry at Warung Nana, followed by a dessert pancake from the street vendor by our guesthouse.
  • Finally the clock struck 10pm and we loaded up our bags and surfboards into our private car to the harbour.
  • Surprise, surprise, on arrival we discovered that there had been a “misunderstanding” on the price.  We had assumed 200K IDR total cost to the harbour; the driver had assumed 200K IDR per person (400K IDR total).  
  • This especially pissed us off as the driver, named Hanavi, was associate with Krisna Homestay and someone we had befriended over the past few days.  200K IDR was a small bargain for us but 400K IDR was a complete rip off by him.
  • We ended up settling on 250K IDR, 50K more than agreed, only after recanting our promises to stay with him if we returned to Lombok.
  • We boarded the ferry and spent a fitful night on the high seas while trying to catch a few winks of sleep on two lie-down cushions that we rented for 30K IDR each.
  • The ferry was shockingly noisy from 12-5am with the TV blaring, people talking, and a baby crying endlessly.
  • Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep.

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