Tuesday, April 26th (Bali Day 31)

  • We arrived at Padang Bai Harbour in Bali around 4:30am, after 5 hours at sea on the public ferry.
  • It had been surprisingly difficult to sleep on the ferry, even after paying 30K IDR extra for a lie-down mattress, on account of the relentless chatter and baby tears.
  • Sleep deprived, we managed to negotiate a taxi to Gunu Mandala Inn at Padang Padang beach leaving at 6am and arriving around 7:30am.
  • We had a short wait after arriving at Gunu Mandala before we could check in.
  • We desperately wanted to sleep but we were also feeling restless after no physical activity the day before, so we put the fins in our boards, attached the leashes, and headed straight to Padang Padang beach.
  • The surf was generally small with occasional head-high sets rolling in.
  • We finally discovered that some of the smaller waves could be hunted closer to shore, providing the longest and smoothest rides.
  • Shortly after this discovery I tried to take a wave with a steep drop-in and wrenched my right hip painfully.
  • This ended my session and Cory followed suite after catching one final wave.
  • We bought a huge lunch at Warung Heboh, then returned to Gunu Mandala intending to nap for a couple hours.
  • This “two hour” nap turned into an 8 hour nap after a single snooze.
  • We woke feeling rested but we were also late to meet up with our friends Alex and Tuan, visiting from Mui Ne, Vietnam where we spent 38 days kiteboarding and surfing with them.
  • We arrived at their hostel, Macskot Hostel, with gifts of Dragon Fruit just after 9pm.
  • It was great fun catching up with them over Bintang beers and shots of Arak (homemade alcohol from fermented coconut).
  • They told us of life in Mui Ne while we caught them up on our adventures to-date.
  • Just after midnight we returned home and were both able to fall asleep quite easily, much to our surprise.

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