Friday, April 29th (Bali Day 34)

  • We rolled out of bed at 8am to head to Bingin Beach where we were expecting to meet up with Alex and Tuan, our friends from Mui Ne, Vietnam, for a morning surf session.
  • The beach was at the bottom of a massive staircase inlaid into the cliff wall.  It was clean and picturesque, with turquoise water, wooden cafes, and surf shacks dotting the sand.
  • Unfortunately the surf was slow, and though there were less than 10 people in the water, it felt quite crowded as the take off zone was very narrow.
  • After an hour we got sick of fighting for every wave, packed up, and headed to Padang Padang Beach (Alex and Tuan never showed!).
  • At Padang we surfed for 2 more hours.  The waves had picked up a bit and the lineup was spread out which made the surfing much more enjoyable.
  • We both got several small but fun rides then called it a morning, returning to Gunu Mandala Inn to freshen up before heading to the Brazilian Warung down the road for lunch.
  • At 2:30pm we packed up our surfboards for the last time and drove them to Uluwatu where we sold them to a local surf shop for 1.5M IDR each (3M total).
  • The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and watching movies, not quite sure what to do with ourselves without a surf session to look forward to.
  • Around 7pm we went for dinner up the street, then Alex and Tuan came by our guesthouse for a final goodbye.
  • We chatted for a few minutes then hugged it out.
  • We finished watching the documentary “Iverson” on Netflix then went straight to bed hoping to catch a few hours of sleep before our 3:45am wake up call to catch our 6am flight to Hong Kong.

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