Thursday, April 28th (Bali Day 33)

  • We awoke to discover that both of our surfboards had dings in them from yesterday.
  • Cory’s board had a big hole in the bottom of the board after he washed into a rock at low tide during yesterday’s evening surf session.
  • My board had a small crack near the nose and a slightly larger ding on the top right rail.
  • Frustrated, we took both boards to Uluwatu where we arranged to have them fixed for 400K IDR, though it wasn’t a complete loss as we also arranged to sell the boards the next day (our last in Bali) for 3M IDR.
  • We returned to Gunu Mandala Inn to relax for a bit before heading to a Brazilian Warung 10 minutes down the main road.
  • At 3pm we picked up the surfboards and immediately took them to Padang Padang Beach where we managed a few good rides before the receding tide forced us to call it a night.
  • We split a watermelon for dinner then went to Single Fin (a beautiful bar/restaurant on the cliff edge overlooking Uluwatu Beach) to meet up with our friends from Mui Ne, Vietnam: Tito and Marta.
  • Unfortunately, Single Fin was closed so we ended up at a nearby Mexican restaurant called Cacho’s where we enjoyed a few Bintang beers.
  • Later we were joined by two other friends from the Mui Ne crew, Alex and Tuan.
  • We paid our bill at Cacho’s then headed to Cashew Tree bar near Bingin Beach where we all had one more drink while chatting and listening to the live band before calling it a night.
  • On our way back to Gunu Mandala Inn our scooter sputtered then quit as the last of our gasoline cycled through the engine.
  • During the day this would have been no problem as there are mini “Petrol” stations everywhere, but at night these pop-up stands are all closed and the wild dogs roam the streets aggressively.
  • We ended up pushing the scooter the rest of the way home.  Together at first, then I took over while Cory defended us from wild dogs with a large stick from the roadside.
  • Finally we pulled into Gunu Mandala Inn safe and sound, calling it a night shortly after.

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