Saturday, April 30th (Bali to Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong)

  • Our day started at 3:45am.
  • We put the final touches on our packing then jumped into a private car for our ride to Bali International Airport (DPS).
  • The flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia left at 6am and went off without a hitch, touching us down at 9am.
  • Our next 7 hours were spent in the Kuala Lumpur airport, reading, writing, and watching movies in the “Movie Lounge.”
  • At 4pm we boarded our flight to Hong Kong, touching down around 9pm that night.
  • From there we had an hour long train ride to Hong Kong Station, followed by a 30 minute walk to an apartment complex where we were finally able to drop our bags and put an end to the day’s travels, nearly 20 hours later.
  • My University friend, Charles, graciously allowed us to use his apartment while he was away visiting¬†Vietnam for the weekend.
  • It was a shame to miss each other (twice in fact, as we narrowly missed crossing paths 4 months earlier in Vietnam), but it was such a treat for us to have our own unsupervised space for a change.
  • Cory and I walked down the hill (most of downtown Hong Kong is built on a massive hill) to the local grocery store, then returned to the apartment to cook up a delicious dinner.
  • Exhausted, we headed to bed just after midnight.

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