Sunday, May 1st (Hong Kong Day 2)

  • Originally, we had plans to do a hike that we had scoped out on our first visit to Hong Kong, 8 months ago: Dragon’s Back trail, which ends at Big Wave Bay where we could rent surfboards for one last day in the waves.
  • However, after a long sleep in, we didn’t wake up with much motivation to do anything at all.
  • Truth be told, it is much more novel for us to have a recovery day in a cushy apartment than to hit the trails and be constantly thinking about logistics.
  • We decided to seize the opportunity, so to speak, and spent the day relaxing, watching movies, and doing absolutely nothing.
  • Come dinner time, we decided to celebrate the last day of our journey at a Vietnamese restaurant that our friend Hank had shown us on our first pass through the city.
  • We showed up to BEP restaurant and ordered Pho soup with fried pork neck – our usual.
  • After, we returned to the apartment for a couple more hours of relaxation before calling it a night.

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