Monday, May 2nd (Hong Kong to Calgary, Canada!)

  • We knew we had another huge day of traveling ahead of us but managed to keep our spirits high the whole way using the prospect of seeing friends and family again as motivation.
  • The day started with a train trip to the airport in time to catch our 12pm flight from Hong Kong to Seattle.
  • The 13 hour flight was about as good as it gets, helped immeasurably by the incredible Delta movie selection.
  • In Seattle we rushed to catch a connecting flight to Calgary, boarding in the nick of time.
  • Finally, 17 hours later, we touched down in Calgary, Canada where my Mom had taken off work to pick us up from the airport.
  • We made a quick pit stop at our house for a change of clothes, then spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with my Mom and Pops (Grandfather) at his house.
  • Come dinner time, we snuck downtown and surprised my Dad at the restaurant where he was celebrating his birthday.
  • It was a very enjoyable evening with plenty of food, drinks, and laughter – the perfect night to end our trip of a lifetime.

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